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Best local and net disk movie/tv player on Mac, creating a local personal media library.
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 Free Top Configuration]123 Cloud Drive with VidHub is Truly Amazing!
Free Top Configuration]123 Cloud Drive with VidHub is Truly Amazing!
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Enjoying binge-watching TV shows and movies during your leisure time is incredibly relaxing. However, some video apps even show member ads after subscribing, which is very frustrating!! So, the completely free VidHub shines brightly on the scene! Paired with 123 Cloud Drive, it directly achieves the creation of a personal film and television library with just one click!

VidHub: Free to Create Your Personal Film and Television Library!

VidHub is a multifunctional video player for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. You can use this app to play personal film and television resources, supporting almost all video formats such as mp4/mkv/webm/avi/rmvb/wmv.

VidHub can automatically fetch and categorize detailed information about movies, including posters, cast, synopses, etc., making it convenient for you to create a personal film and television library. It helps you organize your entire video library.

  • Free and Ad-free: VidHub is currently completely free, with no ads or pop-ups! Automatically fetches movie information, automatically categorizes, automatically divides seasons, and displays episodes.
  • Elegantly Manage Local or Cloud Video Resources: VidHub can directly connect to many cloud drives and can also mount 123 Cloud Drive using WebDAV. It also supports Alist to connect various cloud drives without open APIs. SMB/WebDAV NAS mounts are also supported. And it directly supports Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex connections.
  • Supports Direct Viewing and Operation of File Sources, Batch Renaming, Supports Dolby and HDR Playback
  • Multi-Device Support, Seamless Movie Watching: VidHub supports Mac, iOS, iPad, and Apple TV, seamless movie watching, multi-platform playback records, iCloud cloud synchronization.

123 Cloud Drive: Permanent 2TB Free Space!

123 Cloud Drive is a secure platform for cloud storage with 2TB of space, ultra-fast upload and download, and support for massive file management.

  • Ultra-fast Upload and Download: 123 Cloud Drive does not limit upload and download speeds, vowing to carry out ultra-fast operations to the end. Register to enjoy 2TB of cloud storage space, saving a large number of photo albums. Supports 100G file uploads, exclusive cloud drives for large file uploads.
  • Share Files without Logging In: Share files smaller than 100M without the need for recipients to log in to download, one-click download of shared files, surpassing similar fast transfer products.
  • Experience Original Quality Video Playback: Supports uploading and backing up images and videos in original quality, providing multiple quality options, including standard definition, high definition, ultra-high definition, 4K, and original quality, convenient playback buttons, including horizontal and vertical screen switching, long-press multi-speed playback, episode selection playback.
  • Personalized Music Playlist Creation: Create a music cloud drive with exclusive playlists with one click of audio import, personalized settings for playback speed, and audio playback duration.
  • Multi-functional Mounting Service: The second domestic cloud drive service to implement the WebDAV protocol, any application that supports the WebDAV protocol can easily mount 123 Cloud Drive, preview files securely and efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted data synchronization.

How to Mount 123 Cloud Drive to VidHub?

  1. Set up on the 123 Cloud Drive:
  • Log in to 123 Cloud Drive.
  • In the left menu, select "Third-party Mounting," then click "WebDAV Authorization Management."
  • Click "Add Application," enter the application name, such as "VidHub."
  • Click the "Generate Password" button to get the application password.
  1. Set up on VidHub:
  • Open VidHub, click "Add/Modify File Source," select "Add WebDAV."
  • In the pop-up window, fill in the information in order:
    • First line name: Fill in as desired, can be "123 Cloud Drive."
    • Second line: Select the "https" protocol.
    • Third line server address: Copy the server address of 123 Cloud Drive, delete the ending "/webdav."
    • Fourth line port number: Fill in "443."
    • Fifth line password: Fill in the application password generated by 123 Cloud Drive.
    • Sixth line path: Fill in "/webdav."
  • Click the "Add" button to complete the setup.

Mounting Successful!

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