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How to Mount 123 Cloud Drive on Vidhub?
How to Mount 123 Cloud Drive on Vidhub?
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  • 2024-05-19 23:12:28

How to Download from 123 Cloud Drive?

Official Download Link for 123 Cloud Drive:

You can also use the web version:

How to Mount 123 Cloud Drive on Vidhub?

Step 1: Log in to 123 Cloud Drive

Step 2: Click on "Third-party Mounting" on the left, then click on "WebDAV Authorization Management"

Step 3: Click on "Add Application" below, name it, and enter "vidhub"

Step 4: Click on "Generate Password"

Step 5: Open Vidhub, click on "Add/Modify File Source", and select "WebDAV/AList"

Fill in the details as follows, and you'll surely succeed!

  • The first line can be filled with any name.
  • Change the second line to "https".
  • For the third line, copy the server address from 123 Cloud Drive, but make sure to delete the "/webdav" at the end.
  • Fill in "443" for the port number on the fourth line.
  • Enter the application password for 123 Cloud Drive on the fifth line.
  • Fill in "/webdav" for the sixth line.

Finally, click on "Add", and remember to add files!

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