All-In-One video library & player for iOS/macOS/tvOS
Best local and net disk movie/tv player on Mac, creating a local personal media library.
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What is VidHub?
What is VidHub?
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VidHub is a versatile video player designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. Unlike domestic platforms like iQIYI that offer a vast array of proprietary content, VidHub allows you to play personal video resources, supporting almost all video formats such as mp4, mkv, webm, avi, rmvb, wmv, and more. VidHub automatically fetches and categorizes detailed information about movies, including posters, cast, and summaries, making it convenient for you to create your personal video library and organize your entire video collection.


Basic features: Supports playback speed adjustment, subtitles, GIF screenshot, HDR, and iCloud cloud sync.

Special features: Manages video files on Alibaba Cloud Drive, Baidu Netdisk, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, supports samba (smb) / webdav protocol, NAS network storage like Synology, and local files.

On which devices and systems can I use VidHub?

VidHub is compatible with most recent Apple devices, including:

  • iPhone (iOS 14 and later)
  • iPad (iPadOS 14 and later)
  • Apple TV (tvOS 14 and later)
  • Mac (macOS 10.15 and later)

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