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VDown - Best Free Alternative to Downie on macOS
VDown - Best Free Alternative to Downie on macOS
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-07-23 01:34:29

VDown - Best Free Alternative to Downie on macOS

If you want to download youtube videos or any online streaming video, you must know Downie. Downie is a video downloader for macOS with support for Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Tiktok and other 1300 sites. But the price of Downie is $19.99, which is quite an expensive offer. You will find the answer in this article if you also have similar questions like those below.

Is there any free alternative to Downie?

What is Downie for Mac?

How do I download videos from the documents app?

How to download youtube videos on Mac?


VDown is a free alternative to Downie. VDown support 900+ sites, including Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Tiktok/Vimeo, and even Pornhub, Onlyfans. Maybe the supported sites are less than Downie, but the most popular websites are already on the supported list. And you can request the developer to add more.

VDown also supports 4K video download, and you can choose the video format you want to download or maybe download the audio file. The video/audio format and estimated size are displayed before the user starts the download.


Another famous alternative to Downie is a small command-line tool to download videos from youtube and other sites. It is an open-source project on Github. So a lot of developers are contributing to the project. If you have any website and you can not download from VDown or Downie, try with this Youtube-dl.


Yt-dlp is a forked project of Youtube-dl, but they add more features and keep updating the pattern to ensure the download feature is working.


VDown is the best free alternative to Downie, the installation is just natural as all mac apps, and the UI interface is the most current macOS UI. You do not be a tech-guy to know how to run command line on macOS, just copy the url into the VDown, click the download button to get the video file.

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