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How to repair NTFS disk on Mac / Windows
How to repair NTFS disk on Mac / Windows
  • Lucas
  • 2024-07-23 06:00:32

How to repair NTFS disk on Mac / Windows

NTFS is a file format for the disks such as USB flash disks under Windows. Mac does not support mounting and writing NTFS disks by default. Download the free Mac NTFS management tool Omi NTFS Disk Pro to read and write files on the NTFS disk on Mac. When Switching the NTFS disk between Mac and Windows. A disk error may occur, causing the NTFS disk to be unable to be mounted or opened. At this time, the following method can be used to try to repair the disk.

Repair the NTFS disk on Mac

Apple does not like NTFS at all, after macOS 13 Ventura, there is no mount_ntfs command on macOS any more. So it can not be repaired on Mac. Try to repaire on Windows.

Repair the NTFS disk on Windows

After repairing the NTFS disk on Mac with Omi NTFS Disk Pro, it still can not be opened, can not be mounted, or a disk error has occurred. You can try to repair the NTFS disk on Windows.

​ 1. Plug the disk into the Windows computer and wait for the disk to be mounted. After success, the disk will be displayed in "This PC," for example, Local Disk (D:).

​ 2. Click the "Windows" button in the lower-left corner and enter "cmd" to open the "Command Prompt."

​ 3. Enter "chkdsk /f D:" (take Local Disk (D:) as an example) in the "Command Prompt," then click the Enter button, and wait for the repair to complete.

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