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How To Unzip a .XZ File on Mac for Free
How To Unzip a .XZ File on Mac for Free
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-07-22 23:55:18

How To Unzip a .XZ File on Mac for Free

Are you wondering how to unzip a .XZ archive file on Mac? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Unzipping a .XZ file would be an intimidating process if the Oka Unarchiver tool did not exist. Fortunately for you, this free app is available. By following a few simple steps, you can unzip that .XZ file in minutes!

Just follow these five steps:

Step 1

Navigate to

Step 2

Under the Products Menu, select “Oka Unarchiver.”

Step 3

Download the Oka Unarchiver using the “Free Download” button or use the link to download the software from the Apple App Store.

Step 4

Drag or drop your .XZ file into Oka Unarchiver.

Step 5

Unzip the file. That’s it!

You can also unzip images from these files. In addition, Oka Unarchiver allows you to do the following:

  • Unzip any .XZ file for free with your Mac
  • Zip .XZ files using the app
  • Uncompress screen images
  • Compress and uncompress multi-volume archives
  • Add passwords

Oka Unarchiver Ratings

On the Apple App Store, Oka Unarchiver has earned five out of five stars on all reviews.

Free App

The Oka Unarchiver app is entirely free and offers many advanced VIP functions.

What is an Archive File?

Archive files are computer files that consist of one or more files and metadata. They are generally used to compile several computing files into a single file for more convenient portability and storage. Archive files can also be used to compress files to save storage space.

They frequently store the following:

  • Directory Structures
  • Error detection and correction information
  • Arbitrary comments
  • Built-in encryption

Archive files offer the unique ability of compatibility with systems and files that do not support the file systems but can support the file contents. This occurs because they store file system data and metadata within the particular file. For example, archive files make it possible to send directory structures via email.

In addition, archive files are helpful for packaging software because software contents usually contain multiple files, known as an archive package.

What is a .XZ File?

Files with the .XZ extensions are archive files compressed through XZ compression. XZ compression is a high-ratio compression algorithm derived from the LZMA algorithm. The files contain one or multiple files compressed by the XZ command-line tool found in XZ Utils.

Similar to ZIP files, .XZ files consist of compressed files that can be easily stored and shared, even when sent to places where the file types are unsupported. These files are convenient for sharing compressed files via the internet, email, and USB drives.

XZ compression reduces file size more than many alternatives. For example, it achieves more compression than gzip and bzip2. Because of this capability, XZ archives are an excellent option for large files, including Slackware Linux package distributions and ISO files.

Unzipping .XZ Files Can Be Simple and Fast

There is no reason to stress out about unzipping .XZ files when you download Oka Unarchiver. All you have to do is drag or drop your file into the app, and presto! Your file is unzipped. Multiple .XZ files are supported, and the app is completely free.

For a worry-free .XZ file experience, download Oka Unarchiver today.

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