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Five best to-do list apps for Mac in 2023
Five best to-do list apps for Mac in 2023
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-07-23 02:18:25

Five best to-do list apps for Mac in 2021

Why do we need a To-do list app? We can always record things with paper and pen. Which to-do app is the best? If you have similar questions, read this article that might help you. But since this is a very personal habit issue, it may be suitable for me, but not everybody. I have always been a fan of this kind of app; it helps you track all the tasks you plan to do and organize your things. It is even more important for Apple fans to use these tools since most Mac users use MacBook as a productivity tool. And there are many giant software companies that provide to-do list apps in the Mac App Store and iOS Store. And some of them only offer the mac & iOS versions, which means if you are using an Android phone or windows PC, you can not use it.

Are there any free To Do apps on Mac and iPhone? Yes, like Oka Todo, it is free to use and has unlimited tasks you can create; I will introduce the article below.

​ 1. Oka Todo (Mac, iPhone, iPad) is a free task manager on Mac and iOS. The UI is fresh and elegant. It is like a side task list on your screen. Users can create tasks easily and quickly; you can still set up notifications, reminders, etc. But it did not provide detailed plan features like Omnifocus. As a free to-do list app, it also provides Mac and iOS versions. The only thing is you need to pay if you want to sync the task between Mac and iOS.

​ 2. Things- (macOS, iPhone, iPad, Watch) just released a new version that has been rebuilt from the group up - with a timeless new design and delightful interactions. It has the category group by default. Today is the most important one; it always provides you with a Today list that lists all the activities you need to finish. And for the things you can not complete right now, if you plan to do them when you are out of the office later, you can mark them as this evening. Overall this is a beautiful app. It just makes you feel comfortable when you check your daily activities.

But for the price, it is pretty high, Mac ($49.99), iPhone ($9.99), iPad($19.99)

Another cool thing is the Things support plugin. You can integrate with Slack, Trello, and Gmail to create tasks quickly.

​ 3. OmniFocus 3 (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Web) is developed by Omnigroup. OmniFocus is different from Things. Things are more consumer-style; for OmniFocus, it is heavier. At least for me, it looks like enterprise software; you can set up different projects and organize your task in a very detailed way. It is not an easy-learn app, but if you know what you are planning, you will feel this tool has all the features you want. And somehow, you will see the shadow of Omniplan since they are all developed by Omnigroup.

Consumer, teams, and web Add-ons separate the price, but all is a subscription package. Monthly: $9.99, Yearly: $99.99

​ 4. Reminder (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch) is a free app you can use on your macOS. It is Apple's reminder. Once you set up your Mac, you will have an account for the reminder; you can create lists or tasks and set a reminder for them. By default, it has four groups, Today, Scheduled, All, and Flagged. Is it enough for you? With iCloud sync, you can sync the tasks to all your apple devices. It also integrates with Siri natively, so I would suggest you have a try with this.

​ 5. Microsoft To-Do (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows), if you do not like Apple's reminder, there is another free To-Do app that a big giant company develops. It is free and open to all platforms. You can sync the tasks between any device. The famous todo app, Wunderlist, is also acquired by Microsoft; it is still available for all major platforms. But I guess To Do is the one that Microsoft wants to put the most effort into developing.

Which to-do list app is your favorite?

Again, the To-Do app is a category that cannot offer one design that makes everybody happy. Each user might have their favorite. There are also some great apps like Todoist (macOS, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Android, Windows, Web), 2Do (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android), TaskPaper (macOS), TickTick (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Android, Windows), Trello, Evernote, OneNote, TaskHeat, Todo.txt, Remember the Milk, Asana, etc. Try some free ones.

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