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Support adjust playback speed, screenshot/gif/recording, picture-in-picture mode, load/search/adjust subtitles, etc.
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Detail Description of Yuni

#1 private chat and photo vault for you and your secret lover If you are having a secret relationship with somebody, this is a must-have app for your phone. To protect your privacy, the app icon can be hidden in your phone. All messages between you and your lover are protected. All photos between you and your lover are protected. All history between you and your lover are protected. All diaries of your loving story are protected. Anything you do not want to share with others are protected. Features to protect your privacy: Anonymous signup, register without your phone number or other information Burn after sending or destroy all history remotely with just one click Customize the message ringtone, disable the notification or use a special ringtone. It's up to you To hide the app icon, you can change the icon to any icon you want Text chat, video chat, voice chat, location, and photo share are all supported Features a photo vault, calendar for your anniversaries, and diary of your love history Any feature for couples you can find here, and it is fully privacy protected Multiple password protect and fake passwords are supported Yuni offers the following options to upgrade to VIP service Service: Upgrade to VIP One-time purchase to get lifetime access Monthly subscription Yearly subscription Price may vary by location. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use https://okaapps.com/privacy https://okaapps.com/terms

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