All-In-One video library & player for iOS/macOS/tvOS
Best local and net disk movie/tv player on Mac, creating a local personal media library.
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Fig Player for Mac, Best Free Video Player on macOS
Fig Player for Mac, Best Free Video Player on macOS
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PotPlayer X for Mac, Best Free Video Player on macOS

Daum Potplayer is a top-rated video player on Windows. There are plenty of alternatives to Potplayer on macOS, like MPV, KMPlayer, IINA, MPlayer, Omniplayer, and PotPlayer X.

Especially for PotPlayer X is specific for macOS and provides all similar features as PotPlayer on Windows. And it is free on Mac App Store. You can use PotPlayer X to watch 4K and 8K HD videos without lag.

Play by Frame

Potplayer X can play the video file at any speed, 1X, 2X, 3.5X, etc. It even can play the video by frame. This is not provided on VLC, QuickTime, MPlayer X, etc.

It also provides features like A-B loop playing. This is very helpful if you want to watch a specific video clip.

Screenshots, Video Recordings, Generate Gif

Potplayer X can generate a thumbnail screenshot of the whole video. It also can record a video clip with full resolution of the original video, which is different from the mac screen recording. Potplayer X also supports gifs. You can record clips as gifs.


If you want to watch a video but want to do something else simultaneously, you can use Potplayer X and put it on Picture-in-Picture mode. In this mode, you can do multiple tasks on your Mac.

Search subtitles

With and, PotPlayer X can search the subtitle automatically. If you want to watch any popular TV videos but you do not have the subtitle, PotPlayer X is a good option on macOS.

Music Player Mode

PotPlayer X also supports audio files, mp3, flac, ape, m2a, mid, etc. You can switch to music player mode. Put your record on. You can listen to the music now.


PotPlayer X is just PotPlayer for OSX. It is the best free mac video player so far. You can download it from the Mac App Store directly.

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